Pacific Play Tents Funchute 6 Foot Kids Parachute with Handles


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Product Description

The Pacific Play Tents 6 feet Funchute Parachute is perfect for birthday parties, picnics, community events and more. Simply un-fold the parachute from the provided carry-bag and let the fun begin. Sturdy handles along the edges allow children to easily grip the edge.

Tons of Parachute Game Options

There are many games you can play with a parachute. A few are:

Popcorn – place small balls in the parachute and shake to make them jump around like popcorn.

Making Waves – make small, medium or large waves across the parachute.

Merry-Go-Round – Hold one handle and walk in a circle.

Switch – Call out a birthday month, age or a pre-assigned color and have children swap places under the parachute before it falls. And Many More.

The imagination is the limit

A parachute can also make a great fort by draping it over furniture, use it as a large picnic blanket, make it home base for tag or hide under it-no more ruining your sheets for your children’s play fort. Made of flame-retardant 70 denier polyester, simply machine wash under delicate with mild soap and air dry at the end of the day to get it clean again and ready for the next day.


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